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Kathie Younghans Remodel

Salida, CO


Advanced framing techniques. Truss roof. Flat roof, with special attention to drainage. EPDM Roofing � Energy Star rated, Synthetic stucco. This was a unique and challenging project in which we popped the top of an existing house and added an upstairs master bedroom and bathroom, including a second-story deck over living space.


Besides the usual logistical complications involved in a major remodel, we needed to solve some energy issues. We boosted insulation levels where possible, paid close attention to air sealing, installed a new, high-efficiency furnace, and added solar-thermal for the domestic hot water. We added square footage, yet this house now uses less energy than it did before.


Advanced insulation on addition, boosted insulation on existing where possible. Special attention to roof drainage. Reclaimed lumber and other materials for interior finishes. Low VOC paints. New, high-efficiency heating, including special attention to improving existing duct work to work more efficiently. Solar-thermal hot water. Environmentally friendly cabinets and recycled-content countertops.


I had my home remodeled and the top popped by Greg and crew in 2009. I have to say that the entire experience was one of collaboration, cooperation and creativity. We had fun doing the project, it was done in good time and we managed to stay pretty much within the budget! I have a home I love and had fun while creating the space. I would definitely work with them again and suggest you hire them. Kathie Younghans Amicas Pizzas and Microbrews Salida, CO