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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have high energy bills?

Is your house drafty or uncomfortable? Don't guess the source, let us diagnose the problem and offer sound solutions. We can estimate the costs of improvements, run a payback analysis, and help facilitate work projects.

Thinking about alternative energy?

Adding renewable energy is great, but not cost effective if the system you are supplementing isn't efficient. Wondering which way to go? PV vs. Solar Thermal? There are many options. By assessing your energy consumption, we can help you decide the most cost effective renewable energy strategy as well.

We love making homes more efficient.

Certified inspector Greg Follet is based in Salida, Colorado. He has been building homes for over two decades. FISH BUILDERS Inc. is family owned and operated in Chaffee County. References available at

What does it cost?

Give us a call for a free estimate. There is a range of costs to fit a variety of needs. 719.539.7099

Do you consult on old and new homes?

Yes, any home can have energy issues. We are very familiar with the unique challenges of both.

What about making improvements?

We have a skilled and competent staff that can handle almost anything. Additionally, we have an extensive and reliable network of other professionals for unique problems.

Can you help me make the new home I am building more efficient?

Absolutely. There are several ways that we can help, from a simple one time consultation to detailed energy modeling. We can also help you attain third party certification such as LEED and Energy Star.

Moisture issues?

Moisture is the number one enemy to the durability of your home. We study building science and building defects and we can pinpoint your issues. We will diagnose the source, and offer solutions.

What is an energy audit?

1. First we will look at your past energy bills then move on to testing. We'll check your home for combustion safety and ensure that any appliances using fuel (stoves, heaters, water heaters, furnaces, etc.) are working properly. We also check for carbon monoxide.0

2. Next, we'll perform a blower door test. In this test, we will close up the house and attach a fan to an exterior door. This fan pulls air out of the house at a designated rate. This gives us a quantitative measurement of the air changes per hour in your home. However, the test is also visually informative allowing the homeowner to see and feel where air leaks exist. It's an amazing tool!

3. We use an infrared camera to help reveal problem areas for both thermal performance and air leakage.

Looking for something individual?