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Project Portfolio

Dempsey/Hughes Remodel

This was a very challenging project, on which we worked very hard with the homeowners to design a space that was both functional and also utilized the existing space within the structure. The result is a unique but elegant structure that increased the square footage by about 50% without increasing the footprint.

Williams Residence

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) for all exterior walls, Frost Protected Shallow Foundation (FPSF). Trussed roof with energy heels. Standing-seem roof. Synthetic stucco.

Kathie Younghans Remodel

Advanced framing techniques. Truss roof. Flat roof, with special attention to drainage. EPDM Roofing � Energy Star rated, Synthetic stucco. This was a unique and challenging project in which we popped the top of an existing house and added an upstairs master bedroom and bathroom, including a second-story deck over living space.

Palka Residence

Insulated Concrete Forms for foundation and north wall. Advanced framing techniques. Truss and conventional framed roof. Standing-seam roof. Synthetic stucco.